About Us

The BET Lab is an interdisciplinary collection of individuals interested in behaviours and behavioural mechanisms, both in animals and in artificial systems. We apply a range of theoretical approaches, from mathematics and statistics, decision theory, computer science, and physics. Historically called the ‘Behavioural and Evolutionary Theory’ Lab, nowadays we often consider neuroscience mechanisms or analogues, and increasingly test our theories in, or develop new algorithms for, robots.

The Lab is part of the Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, and is physically based in Sheffield Robotics.


Opteran Technologies Pre-Seed Funding Secured

James and Alex, together with David Rajan, have secured £230k of pre-seed investment from the Northern Triangle Initiative, part of the Connecting Capabilities Fund of the British Business Bank, to move Opteran Technologies towards the market. Opteran Technologies is commercialising research undertaken during the Green Brain and Brains on Board projects, and is developing novel …

Swarm Awareness Grant Funded

James and Giovanni have been awarded the basic research grant Swarm Awareness from the ONRG. The Swarm Awareness project aims to endow a swarm with awareness of its own state, thus allowing individual agents to reach a consensus on the global swarm state. Particular examples of states to measure are swarm size (number of agents), fraction of the swarm committed to …

Andrew Barron wins Leverhulme grant

Andrew Barron, based at Macquarie University and collaborator on the Brains on Board project, has won a prestigious Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professorship to eight months in the lab over the next two years, working on modelling the honeybee brain. • http://bio.mq.edu.au/research/groups/cognitive-neuroethology/dr-andrew-barron/ • http://brainsonboard.co.uk


Current Members

James Marshall – Principal Investigator

Alex Cope – Research Fellow

Andreagiovanni Reina – Research Fellow

HaDi MaBouDi – Research Associate

Arindam Saha – Research Associate

Qingshan Shan – Research Associate

Fadl Isa – PhD Student

Aldo Segura – PhD Student

Neville Dearden – Beekeeper

Carla Teale – Senior Research Support Officer

Joanne Seal – Senior Research Support Officer

Former Members

Ross Booton (with Dylan Childs)

Andrew Barron

Thomas Bose

Francesco Canciani

Tom Cassey (Bristol)

Jennifer Dick

Angélique Favreau-Peigné

Anna Font Llenas

Mark Kelly

Yara Khaluf

Patrick Hogan

Seb James

Lianne Meah

Eleftherios Nikolaidis

Georgios Parthymos – PhD Student

Alvin Pastore (with Eleni Vasilaki)

Angelo Pirrone (with Tom Stafford)

Bob Planqué (Bristol)

Chris Quickfall

Juan Camilo Ramírez

Chelsea Sabo

Thomas Schlegel (Bristol)

Salah Talamali

Pete Trimmer (Bristol)

Pascal van Beek

Anna van Doorn

Hector Zenil

Join Us

A postdoc position on the new Swarm Awareness project is now open for applications – deadline October 18th 2018.

Enquiries from self-funding researchers are also always welcome, and should be addressed to Prof James Marshall.